Rolling Monthly Subscription

£14.99 / month

You will receive:

2 carefully selected books every month.

Exclusive online author interviews.

The opportunity to have your voice heard as part of our online community.

The ease of a short term commitment.*

*Please note that when you sign up for the rolling monthly book club you will only be able to cancel the book club membership after a three month period.
Cancelling your subscription with the book club requires a full month’s notice.
Please cancel by the 5th of the month prior to ensure your subscription is cancelled.
Failure to do so, may result in a following month’s charge.
N.B. £14.99 will be charged to your account monthly until the subscription is cancelled.

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Welcome to The Capital Crime Book Club.

The Capital Crime Book Club is an affordable monthly subscription service that will be a year-round,
inclusive, home for readers, and a regular link between authors and fans.