T E Kinsey

T E Kinsey biography

Tim Kinsey was born in England in the 1960s when everything was groovy. He grew up in London in the ’70s when everything was brown and mostly made of corduroy. He went to university in Bristol in the 1980s when hair was big and spectacles bigger. He worked in magazines in the ’90s when Britannia was cool. In the early-2000s, when the millennium was new and the possibilities boundless, he helped the Internet to boom by working on one of its most famous sites.

And now he writes murder mysteries.

Lady Hardcastle first appeared in October 2014 in four short stories gathered together in a self-published version of A Quiet Life in the Country. In July 2015 four more stories appeared as The Spirit Is Willing. At the end of that year he signed a publishing deal with Thomas & Mercer.

An edited (restructured) version of A Quiet Life in the Country was published by Thomas and Mercer in October 2016, closely followed in December by a similiarly restructured version of The Spirit Is Willing, now retitled In the Market for Murder. The third book in the popular Lady Hardcastle series, Death Around the Bend, appeared in June 2017.

Book 4 was delayed by “certain things” and so he wrote a short, Christmas-themed story to bridge the gap. Christmas at The Grange was published as a Kindle Single in December 2017. Although it was published soon after Death Around the Bend, the events take place after the fourth book, A Picture of Murder, which was published in October 2018. Book 5, The Burning Issue of the Day came along a few months later in April 2019, quickly followed by Death Beside the Seaside in October 2019.

Tim lives just outside Bristol with his wife, two drum kits, four guitars and a robot vacuum cleaner. The couple’s three children have long since been encouraged to leave home, ostensibly to enable them to make lives for themselves, but mostly to make more room for drum kits, guitars, and robot vacuum cleaners.