Greg Chivers

Greg Chivers biography

Greg Chivers is TV producer best known as the showrunner for ‘NASA’s Unexplained Files’ and ‘What on Earth?’.

More recently he’s been focused on writing novels; his sci-fi debut, The Crying Machine, was published by HarperVoyager in April 2019 and there are two more works in progress.

The Crying Machine is a near-future thriller about a heist to steal a mysterious ancient artefact, the Antikythera Mechanism. The story is fiction, but the mechanism is a genuine archaeological mystery, an ancient Greek computer more than 2000 years old. Who created it? How could they produce such advanced technology a hundred years before the birth of Jesus? What is the secret behind the mystery of the Mechanism.

When Greg’s not writing novels he works as a showrunner and creative consultant for international television networks, including Discovery and National Geographic. As a producer, he specialises in science and history documentaries; one of his shows ‘What on Earth?’ attained all-time record ratings for the Science Channel in the US. Sometimes he also blogs about weird history and the oddities of the TV business on his website

You can follow him on twitter @defnotscifi